Performance Engineering Group has the largest metal stamping press capacity available outside of the automotive industry. Specialist metal stampers for over 40 years complemented by “state of art” tool manufacturing facilities make Performance an ideal choice for your next metal stamping project.

Our presses are modern with largest press being Danly 2400 tonne double action press with 4500 x 2500 rolling bolster capability. The press shop is serviced by 80 tonne overhead crane. Large floor space availability allows for convenient sub-assembly of components Coordinate measuring machines simplifies part inspection and provides tight quality control for all production parts and stampings.

Utilising our in-house high technology CAD/CAE design systems our engineers can assist you with product development which really does make the Performance Engineering Group your one stop shop for your metal stamping needs.

• 1 x Danly 2400 Mechanical Double Action Press
   - Bed Area 4500 x 2500
   - Rolling Bolster
   - 20 strokes per minute

• 1 x Clearing 700 tonne Mechanical Press
   - Bed Area 3300 x 2200

• 1 x Wilkins and Mitchell Mechanical Press
   - Bed Area 2400 x 1800

• 1 x Clearing 250 tonne Mechanical Press
   - Bed Area 1800 x 1200
   - Coil feed and straitening

• 1 x Scalen 1000 tonne Hydraulic Press
   - Bed area 4000 x 3000

• Spot Welding

• Sub Assembly

• Full Tool Making Facilities

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