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Sydney – Central Coast – Newcastle

Laser cutting, folding, stamping, rolling, fabrication, cnc machining and finishing services.  Your one stop shop solution.

Why Choose Us?

Performance Engineering Group have been setting the standard in manufacturing since 1947.  With our dedicated team of engineers, fabricators, machinists, finishers, we have become one of Australia’s leading manufacturers.  Providing Turnkey Manufacturing solutions for the Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle regions.

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Exceptional quality

Striving to be an industry leader, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding service sets Performance Engineering Group apart. With utmost attention to detail and unwavering professionalism, we take great pride in meeting all your needs. Experience the satisfaction of working with a trusted partner dedicated to excellence in laser cutting and manufacturing.

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TURNKEY Manufacturing

We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your project is finished promptly and within your budget. Our in-house capabilities include Laser Cutting, Folding, Fabrication, Welding, CNC Machining, Stamping, Rolling, Blasting, and Painting. Furthermore, we have established partnerships for other finishing touches such as hot dip galvanising, zinc plating, and powder coating.

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Fast turn around times

With state-of-the-art technology and a team of skilled experts, our Laser Cutting and Manufacturing services at Performance Engineering Group deliver unparalleled efficiency, ensuring faster leadtimes than our competitors, all while upholding the utmost quality standards. Trust in our expertise and cutting-edge equipment to provide you with fast, reliable, and top-notch laser cutting and manufacturing solutions.

We are a leader in the industry

Our Services

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting, offered by Performance Engineering Group, provides the benefits of speed, precision, and quality of cut, surpassing traditional cutting methods. Our expertise lies in laser cutting steel, aluminum, and various other metals with different levels of thickness.


Our 250t 5 metre CNC Hydraulic Press Brake are designed to efficiently handle all of your folding and bending requirements, ensuring precision and quality. Experience the reliability and expertise that our tools provide for your metalworking projects.


We have capabilities that allow us to offer rolling services for both sheet metal and plate materials with a maximum thickness of 10mm. Trust us to handle your sheet metal and plate materials, and experience the excellence that our cutting-edge technology and skilled team can provide.


Performance Engineering Group is your trusted partner when it comes to the expertise of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum fabrication and welding. We have you covered whether you need Stick, TIG, or MIG welding services.

CNC Machining

We provide a comprehensive selection of CNC machining services, encompassing CNC Turning, CNC Milling, drilling, tapping, and countersinking. At Performance Engineering Group, we ensure exceptional precision and quality in our CNC machining offerings.


At Performance Engineering Group, we specialise in professional abrasive blasting and protective coating, as well as spray painting services. Whether you require enamel or 2 pack paint, rest assured that we have you covered with our top-quality finishes.