Rotary Coal Pickup Buckets

Performance Engineering Group is proud to state that BlueScope Steel is our oldest customer. The organisation started working for BlueScope Steel (Then Australia Iron & Steel) in 1975.

The Rotary Coal Buckets (2 off) was a significant recent project. The project had significant complexities and had many sub assemblies.

The machine has just finished being fully assembled this morning and is due in service tomorrow. It is only now that everything is in the assembled form that an observation can be made regarding the achieved tolerances for the fabrication.  As you would know, a fabrication that is largely circular is more problematic than orthogonal fabrication work – but PEG has achieved a very good result. The machined seals reveal that the achieved (matching face) rolled fabrication accuracy is excellent.
Further, there were many and numerous parts and fasteners in the order and no parts were found to be missing.

It is recognised that there was some difficulty in meeting the schedule – but PEG managed to meet the schedule while maintaining quality.

I am not sure that we would go with the 50mm back plate in lieu of the 60mm plate and then machine, but PEG proved that they were correct to win the work using this approach.

Murray Smith

Engineering Manager, BlueScope Steel

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